Data Privacy Policy

Our association is committed to processing your personal data in a transparent manner. this statement deals with your legal rights and obligations.


Our association is called: DoggyBagCrew A.S.B.L. Business Number: 0647.847.459

Its head office is located at Rue du Portugal 1 boite 105, 1420 Braine-l’alleud.

Our data controller

The designated controller and processing representative is Mr Triantafyllou Niko.

As the controller, our association is obliged to comply with the legal requirements data processing for purposes that it determines itself.

He is responsible for the processing of personal data, particularly of its customers, prospects or partners.

When we act as a subcontractor, we act under the instructions of the manager of processing which entrusts us with this data.

The data used about you

Our association processes your data for different purposes. Your data is collected either online (includeed by e-mail), or offline. This policy applies regardless of the mode of collection or treatment.

To identify you, contact you and ensure effective monitoring of adopted animals we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • First Name
  • Email address
  • Mailing Address
  • NISS
  • Telephone number

The user shall provide this information with full knowledge of the facts, in particular when proceeding himself at their seizure.

We also use public data or data collected from third parties. These data can be public, especially on social networks.

All personal data collected are kept for a limited time depending on the purpose of the processing and only for the period laid down in the applicable legislation.

Legitimate interest

Our association must be able to function as a non-profit association. The European regulation on protection personal data refers to “legitimate interest”.

As a non-profit association, a number of legitimate interests form the basis of the treatments that we

ensure.We are committed to ensuring that our adoptees are healthy by respecting the balance between the impact that such processing may have on privacy and the interests of our animal welfare association.

If you nevertheless have objections to certain treatments, you can contact us. You can also exercise the rights that the regulations specific to personal data offers you.

Our subcontractors and suppliers

Our partners and suppliers have no access to the collected data. Your data is stored on an encrypted hard drive.

Customer rights and their exercise

The European regulation provides customers and prospects with the following rights: Right to consult data

You can view the data we process about you. If you exercise this right access, we will try to give you as complete an overview as possible regarding your data. However, some data could be deleted from our files. Similarly

how, certain data stored on media to ensure backups may over time not allow us to return this data.


Right to rectification of data

You can request a rectification of your data or to complete your data with the responsible treatment referred to above.

Right to object to a specific use

If you dispute the manner in which we process your data based on its legitimate interests, you can object to a s pecific use. However, there are cases in which wemust, by virtue of a legal text, process a data.

Right to delete data

If you suspect inappropriate processing of certain data, you can ask that these data are deleted. However, there are legal cases in which the deletion is not legally permitted to us.

Right to object to automatic processing

You can object to automated processing. Contact us to see how respond to your request at best. Some treatments are indeed automated to serve you the best we can.

Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority: Rue de la

Press 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel +32 (0)2 274 48 00, Fax +32 (0)274 48 35, e-mail: contact@apdgba. be.

For the exercise of these various rights, be specific in the request you make and justify of your identity. Do you have any questions or comments about the processing of your data? You can take contact with the controller of our association.

Security of your data

We take care to protect and secure your data that you have chosen to communicate to us. We strive to ensure their confidentiality and prevent them from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

For this, we have taken physical, electronic and organizational safeguards to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access or dissemination, alteration or possible destruction of the data.

All data is confidential. We have limited their access to our volunteers who have need in the performance of their volunteer work. They are bound by an obligation to confidentiality.