Support us

There are various ways to help DoggyBagCrew

Financial donation

DoggyBagCrew fulfills its missions thanks to your donations, the personal involvement of its members and the organization of charity activities. Do not hesitate to contribute, there’s no such thing as a “small donation”. Every contribution is welcome and is very useful!

Bank account:

BE87 1030 8383 9794
communication: «Don »

PayPal account:


Material donation

Do you have materials that could be useful for us?

Would you rather buy and send yourself some materials (option to order on Zooplus, for example)?

Reach out to us for further information by mail or by Facebook.

Send an email

Donation of food

If you would like to send us some food, we insist on the fact that it needs to be plant-based. A plant-based diet for cats and dogs has shown to be positive in all aspects. We know with certainty that a plant-based diet is not the only possible diet for cats and dogs, but it’s the only which does not support or participates in the exploitation and death of other animals. From a nutritional perspective, it’s worth reminding that cats and dogs don’t need specific ingredients, but rather specific nutrients. 
Every single nutrient they need can be found in a plant-based diet.

NON-VEGAN food that we distribute comes from unsold stocks that either have recently exceeded their sell-by date or which have faulty packaging. We do not invest a single penny in food made from dead, tortured, and exploited animals.

Other ways to help (non-exhaustive list)

Offer yourself as a foster family for certain pets which urgently need a roof over their heads. Don’t hesitate to ask for further information.

The organization of different activities already allowed DBC to finance a substantial part of its investments. Don’t hesitate to offer your talents in order to organize something together. Home visitors.

We are looking for people in different geographical zones in Belgium available to carry out home visits at the future adoptive family. We are also looking for people who can sew cushion covers for the baskets we retrieve.

Some articles need to be translated into English, Dutch, or Greek.

If you wish to help us, this would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, if you have a website, a blog, a journal… don’t hesitate to talk about us!