Support us

There are various ways to help DoggyBagCrew

Financial donation

DoggyBagCrew fulfils its missions thanks to your donations, the personal involvement of its members, and the organisation of solidarity events. There is no small or large donation! Every contribution is welcome and highly valuable!

Bank account:


BE45 3631 5811 4989


Επικοινωνία: «Don »

PayPal account:


Become a member of the TEAMING group by contributing 1€ per month:

(Teaming is a secure platform, with free registration for both us and you. We receive 100% of your donation, and there are no additional charges for you. Of course, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.)

Purchase a “virtual coffee” on Ko-fi for 1€:

(On Ko-fi, you don’t need to register to support us, only if you want to make a monthly contribution. On the Ko-fi website, you will also find campaigns we create to cover specific needs of the shelter.)

Purchase something from Judgy Tofu! 100% of the profit goes to the shelter’s account:

(Find vegan stickers, shirts, bags, and much more)

Material donation

Do you have materials that could be useful to us?

Are you a creative person and would like to contribute your creations to a future bazaar?

Would you prefer to purchase and send us some goods yourself?

(food, medications, beds, transport crates, construction materials, wood, paints, tools, etc.)

Contact us for more information via email or through Facebook.

Send an email


Would you like to visit the shelter and offer your help?

You don’t need specific knowledge or skills to contribute!

The shelter is approximately 20 acres and is located in a mountainous area.

This means there are countless tasks that need to be done, and everyone can be useful.

However, it will be beneficial if you learn how to use tools correctly.

For the moment, there is no accommodation facility. Accommodation is provided in tents, our van, or our caravan. Additionally, we provide vegan meals.

If you want to visit us, contact us for more information and available dates.

We frequently announce volunteer calls at the shelter, on social media.

Other ways to help (non-exhaustive list)

There are many ways to contribute to the development of the shelter!

Some of them include:

Offer yourself as a foster family: You can provide temporary accommodation for animals in need. Don’t hesitate to ask for further information.

We can co-organize a solidarity event: are you a member of a group or shelter and need financial assistance? Are you a creative individual who enjoys participating in events? We can collaborate to organize a vegan solidarity event.
You can also organize an event in your city to support and promote the DoggyBagCrew shelter.

Spread the word: Spread our flyer text about the shelter and our actions in various places in your city. If you own a store, you can place a donation box.
If interested, ask us to send you the printable file.

Home visits: We are looking for people in different geographical zones, available to carry out home visits at the future adoptive family.

Online Assistance:

• Share Doggybagcrew’s actions and campaigns on social media to increase visibility.

• Create your own online fundraising campaign on Facebook. If you don’t know how ask us.

• If you have foreign language skills, you can help us with text translations.