Our missions


DoggyBagCrew regularly travels between Belgium and Greece. On each journey, the van is filled with substantial quantities of materials, food, and medications donated by stores.

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At the moment, the animals we assist include those we find on the streets and those in local shelters in need. Solidarity is a weapon and we are always open to collaborating with other groups and shelters.

Rescues and adoptions

DoggyBagCrew offers immediate assistance to suffering animals found on the streets.

These animals receive care in a secure environment, and simultaneous efforts are made to find them a permanent home in either Greece or Belgium.

Many animals have been rescued, but there are still many more that need our help. Unfortunately, shelters are full (where they exist), and caring for stray animals is a complex matter.


In 2022, we managed to acquire a 20-acre piece of land to establish a VEGAN SANCTUARY, open for all kinds of animals without discrimination. In 2023, we commenced work with the help of volunteers, and soon we will be ready to welcome the first animals: two geese and two turkeys from Lefkada.

The sanctuary will provide permanent shelter or hospitality to rescued animals, tending to their needs and offering them the opportunity to live in a safe environment.

DoggyBagCrew respects all forms of life, and therefore, all human individuals living or being hosted at the sanctuary are expected to adhere to a vegan lifestyle during their stay.

On hand help

The DBC regularly go back and fourth between Belgium and Greece. For every new departure, the van is filled with one ton of materials and food donations from shops.

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At the moment, the animals that we help are the ones that we find on the road and especially the ones that are part of the Nafpaktos group, responsible of a shelter :


Voir le refuge

Rescues and adoptions

On spot, the DoggyBagCrew help the distressed animals they encounter on the road. They are put in care in a secure place before being deported to Belgium in their new home.

Many animals have been rescied but there is still work to be done for many of them. Unfortunately the shelters are full and the animal care is complicated.

Shelter creation

To be the most efficient as possible, the DoggyBagCrew has decided to create a VEGAN SHELTER so then no more animals are left on the side of the road.

The shelter will take care of the animals that are distress, abandoned,… so that they may have a roof and a decent life. A place for every animal to live their life free while waiting to be adopted.