Birth year: 2020

Size: Medium (+-15 kg)

Color: Black and brown

Agreement with dog: YES
Agreement with cat: YES
Agreement with children: YES
Vaccinated: YES
Sterilized: YES

Poirot is a lovely and lovable dog who was found wandering in the streets of the Greek city of Volos.

He was in a terrible condition, almost starved and afraid of people, probably because he had been mistreated.
We saw the news about him on the various sites of animal protection groups and arranged for him to be transported to Athens, in the summer. He has been with us since September.
He has received proper treatment from vet doctors, has been vaccinated, and has a chip and a health booklet. He is now in very good health.
He is very sociable, very friendly, does not chase cats, and is kids friendly.
He must be just over two years old now.*
Who will share his future life?
*text from friends

Have you thought about it carefully before making your decision? Are your family members supportive of this adoption and is your environment adequate? Of course, we will guide you as carefully as possible, both in choosing your new companion but also when he will be with you. We will be there to share tips and tricks with you as well as personal experiences, professional advice and providing you with links on positive education.

IMPORTANT! : We remind you that these animals are neither cuddly toys, nor toys, nor tools. It is above all about helping them, saving them from the streets by welcoming them as full individuals into your home and of course meeting their basic needs and their well-being.

Adoption condition

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