Species: Dog
Breed: looks like a polish brachet
Birth year: 2019
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (<20 kg)
Color: Brown
Agreement with dog: YES
Agreement with cat: YES
Agreement with children: Unknown
Vaccinated: /
Sterilized: YES

Louisy was found abandoned with her puppies up to the mountains, in the middle of nowhere All her puppies were adopted and Louisy was spayed.

She is waiting at the shelter to be adopted and loved.

Have you thought about it carefully before making your decision? Are your family members supportive of this adoption and is your environment adequate? Of course, we will guide you as carefully as possible, both in choosing your new companion but also when he will be with you. We will be there to share tips and tricks with you as well as personal experiences, professional advice and providing you with links on positive education.


IMPORTANT! : We remind you that these animals are neither cuddly toys, nor toys, nor tools. It is above all about helping them, saving them from the streets by welcoming them as full individuals into your home and of course meeting their basic needs and their well-being.

Adoption condition

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