Birth year: 2016

Size: Medium (30-35 kg)

Color: Black and white

Agreement with dog: YES
Agreement with cat: YES / indifferent
Agreement with children: Unknown
Vaccinated: YES
Sterilized: YES

Elinor is a dog that we know of and care for on her spot for a while. On the 4th of July 2019, we were notified that she had possibly been hit by a car again, but this time she was in a terrible condition, as you can see in the photos in her album.

One of our volunteers rushed her to the veterinary clinic. You can gather from the images the shock that everyone experienced seeing her like this. The blow had scalped her and her skin was hanging above her eye. The doctors immediately attempted to bring her skin back and succeeded perfectly. Fortunately, she had no necrosis and the scar healed fully!!!

As you can understand we could not release her back to the spot where she had been hit by a car twice. We had to keep her safe and thus she was transferred to a dog hotel until she finds her forever home.


We estimate that she was born the beginning of 2016 and she weighs around 30-35 kgs. Elinor has a very gentle and friendly disposition!

She needs a bit of time and she may not approach first, but once she feels safe, she will give cuddles and kisses generously! We should not forget that most of the animals we save have known a very cruel side of life, and so has our Elinor. Fortunately the only baggage left is that she raises her lip when stroked on the head, right where she was hit. She makes this funny face, like she wants to show her teeth, but is probably an automatic response, maybe an affected nerve.

It can be intimidating if you are not familiar with her, but once you get to know her it becomes her sweetest trait.


She is the kind of girl that if you gain her trust, you won’t regret it!


She is very friendly with other dogs and she retains her sweet demeanor when living with them. She is very good with the leash and she always walks besides you.

Have you thought about it carefully before making your decision? Are your family members supportive of this adoption and is your environment adequate? Of course, we will guide you as carefully as possible, both in choosing your new companion but also when he will be with you. We will be there to share tips and tricks with you as well as personal experiences, professional advice and providing you with links on positive education.

IMPORTANT! : We remind you that these animals are neither cuddly toys, nor toys, nor tools. It is above all about helping them, saving them from the streets by welcoming them as full individuals into your home and of course meeting their basic needs and their well-being.

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